Inkless Baby Handprint and Footprint Memory Kit
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1, Item: Baby hand and footprint manufacturers

2 size: 9.3 * 6.5 * 2.2 CM

3 Material: Seal-ink stamp

4. Color: black

5, quantity: 1 printing oil + 2 sheets of paper

Features: 100% brand new and high quality




1. Great commemorative gifts for parents to record the growth of their children; 

2. Material technology: high-tech anti-cross infection, disposable pad; 

3 baby hands do not need to contact the ink and can get a clear footprint, without any security risk; 

4. No pollution; uses a special production process, leaving a clear, real and long-term preservation; 

5. Effective prevention of lead and chemical stimulants and prevention of cross-infection of the virus.