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    All the baby product you will need for your babies to give a good sleep

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    All the baby product you will need to clean and comfort your babies

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    All the baby toys and products that your babies would love to have

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    All the baby wear that your babies would love to have

  • Payment Methods Policy

    We only allow payment methods that are easy to use, secure and offer strong protections against fraud.

    • Only payment methods offered at Baby Bunty checkout are allowed.

    • To help provide a safe experience, we only allow payment methods that offer strong protection for buyers and sellers.

    • This policy helps offer safe, simple payment methods, which strongly protect both buyers and sellers.

  • Unpaid Item Policy

    This policy ensures buyers follow our guidelines on purchasing items in order to protect sellers and maintain a fair and safe marketplace.

    • All fees paid or payable in relation to buying on which we take any action will not be refunded or otherwise credited to your account.

    • We can cancel the order due to the buyer's failure to pay or if the buyer is suspended

    • Buyers must pay for the items they win or commit to buy on Baby Bunty within 4 calendar days.

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Offering to buy outside of Baby Bunty Policy

Offering to buy outside of Baby Bunty is not allowed. Buyers also can't share contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, prior to completing a transaction on Baby Bunty. Additionally, We has invested a great deal to connect interested buyers with great sellers and we want to participate in ongoing transactions with them.

  • Offers to buy outside of Baby Bunty are a potential fraud risk for buyers. Transactions conducted outside of Baby Bunty are not eligible for Baby Bunty protection programs and the Baby Bunty Money Back Guarantee.

  • Buyers can’t engage in any action with a user on the site designed to complete or facilitate a transaction outside of Baby Bunty.

  • Do not share or request direct contact information prior to completing a sale.

  • Do not host item descriptions or images outside of Baby Bunty.

  • Buyers should complete purchases on Baby Bunty in order to be covered by Baby Bunty protections and Money Back Guarantee. Confirmation of a completed transaction on Baby Bunty can be obtained by using the Baby Bunty checkout to complete the purchase or viewing the purchase in purchase or sales history.